I have been working in the mathematical sciences; science education; and the philosophy of science. Most of my works in print can be found under the Publications tab of this website. See also Some Research Interests and Works in Progress.

Indeed, it is increasingly evident that functional collaboration will be the way for the academy to make progress in an effective integral global care. There is also Lonergan’s discovery of economic science - a sub-structuring – implementation of which will be crucial in this time of cumulative cultural and global damage being wrought by an obviously flawed establishment economics. Along with a gradually increasing group of scholars, I am also hoping to communicate the importance of these ideas to the Academy and society.

See Bent On Futurology

A growing focus for me has been the work of the 20th century scholar Bernard Lonergan (1904-1984), as well as the writings of Philip McShane. I am, in particular, interested in better understanding three of Lonergan’s main advances: There is what Lonergan called “generalized empirical method” in the global academic enterprise. There is Lonergan’s later discovery of a normative eightfold collaborative division of labor (“functional specialization”) that, in Lonergan’s words, “will be found, I think, to overcome or, at least, counter-balance the endless divisions of field specialization.”

Terrance J. Quinn

Professor of Mathematics
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